2017/08/03 – 2018/11/11

coverRE-RELEASED AT Via Kosmische 2018/11/11:

This is a compilation of unused “The White Foreigner” recordings, some at sketch/demo phase, some completed. Take it raw as it is, and enjoy.

Released August 3, 2017.

The White Foreigner – voice, machine.
Izabella Schoener – machine.

Cover: found art retouched by Izabella Schoener.

.Wav format.

Words and music by A.J. Kaufmann. 2014-2017.


2017/01/31 – 2018/07/28

kpBoth volumes of “Kosmische Pop” have been re-released on Via Kosmische July 28, 2018.

Released January 31, 2017.
Instrumental machine musik/kosmische pop.

Artwork: Study of Female Nude Bending on Hands and Knees by Adolph Hirémy-Hirschl (Public domain).

1.Meine Kosmische Pop 03:11
2.In Köln 03:18
3.Strahlend 03:50
4.Bohne 03:25
5.Sternenhimmel 04:06
6.Unter Tage 03:21
7.Friedenreise 03:51
8.Porzellan 03:39
9.Jahrmarkt 03:21
10.Trans A.M. 03:25
11.Unterirdisch Gelangweilt 03:34
12.Stern-Sitar 03:30

.Wav format.

2017/06/01 -re-released on VIA KOSMISCHE

kpv2.Kosmische Pop 2017.
Released June 1, 2017.
(wo)man and machine, inspired by Kraftwerk
Cosmic Couriers
Yellow Magic Orchestra
Detroit techno
traditional Scottish music
nursery rhymes/ children’s songs
traditional Irish music
Tangerine Dream
new romantic

Artwork: Clara Tice (Public domain).

1.Airberg 03:38
2.Main St Occurrences 04:21
3.Ozma 03:19
4.Nibelung 04:09
5.Dada Was Here 04:00
6.Utopia in Space 03:55
7.Usurpator 03:32
8.Lady Fitness 03:41
9.Winston 03:18
10.Elysium 03:25
11.Rasta Pastea 03:33
12.Karmic Flow 04:32

.Wav format.

2017/06/22 – 2018/07/07 VIA KOSMISCHE release!


Between the aesthetics of William S. Burroughs and craziness of Wesley Willis lies a machine music album with spoken word by one of the most promising (after 9 years of writing and publishing) poets from Eastern Europe. Tongue-in-cheek, ecological Kraftwerk meets the toxic beatnik.

.Wav format.

“Siva in Rags”: kendrasteinereditions.wordpress.com/2008/06/28/a-j-kaufmanns-siva-in-rags-kse-102-now-available/

“I Am Rainer Langhans” is a tribute to one of the 1968 icons of free thought and revolution.
“Cardboard Balcony” is inspired by a Kathy Polenberg painting of the same title.
“Prisms of the Morning” is a tribute to Federico Fellini.
“Vultures Sing for Berlin” is a poem written back in 2008 on the Sudstern U-bahn station.
“Gotta Kill What’s Trying To Kill You” is a loose reinterpretation of the Ton Steine Scherben classic, “Macht Kaputt Was Euch Kaputt Macht”.
“Interminable” recollects Parisian cafes and girls.
“Joie de Vivre” mixes the abandoned electronic music from my early track “Maria’s Coffin”, with a 2017 poem, “Scientifica Fantastica”.
“Marilyn Skull and Bones” resurrects an old 2004 idea for an electronic punk noise track (with orchestra).
“No Sleep in Paris Tonight” is a poem written in Paris, inspired by free jazz, especially by the Ornette Coleman “Naked Lunch” soundtrack.
“Fellini’s Daughter” is my favorite Fellini movie, “The Clowns”. The clowns are my daughter.
“No Charm” is a tribute to Ian Curtis.
“Great Pool of Gore” was written in 2005. The music was added this year, and the lyrics are about a teenage murderer visiting his girlfriend.

Artwork is “Lily”, by Gail Gray. Rest in peace, Gail… this is also a tribute to your poetry and art.

Released June 22, 2017

The White Foreigner – voice, machine.
Izabella Schoener – machine.

2016/11/12 /// 2018/04/16

coverTHIS LP will be re-released soon by Via Kosmische, a new Polish netlabel for experimental music.
DOWNLOAD link removed.

Released November 12, 2016.
Words and music by A.J. Kaufmann.
Artwork: “English Nude” Ismael Nery (Public domain).

1.Patricia; 2.The Army of Lovers; 3.TV Window; 4.Colder; 5.The Skull and the Rose; 6.Cold Sun; 7.Forget the Moon, Forget the Sun; 8.The 13th Rose; 9.Miss Simplicity; 10.Globetrotter.

.Wav format.